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Kids Hear Somebody Crying In A Closed Underground Tube, Came Up With A Intelligent Plan That Saved A Life

Kids Hear Somebody Crying In A Closed Underground Tube, Came Up With A Intelligent Plan That Saved A Life

Four amazing children did a great deed. They found a small sheep who had gotten herself stuck under a plastic tube in the ground. Just like something out of a storybook, they decided to act to keep her safe.

12. Black Sheep

Image: Deviant Art

Lambs are known for having “fleece as white as snow.” But for one little lost lamb, the opposite is true. This “black sheep” got stuck under a drainpipe and all seemed lost. But four intrepid children wouldn’t let that happen.

11. Baa, Baa Black Sheep

Image: RiverOakFarmStudio

Nursery rhymes feature loving little lambs and most children grow up learning how to say “baaa.” Perhaps that was why four children decided to rescue a small lamb that had gotten stuck in a tube in the ground. A video of the situation reveals her plight.

10. Underground Tube

Image: YouTube

The large tube had been submerged into the ground. It appeared to be some kind of drain pipe. Obviously these pipes are often found around farms. It had been partially dug up, which may be how the lamb found her way down there.

9. Paying Attention

Image: YouTube

The kids had to be paying close attention to hear the sheep bleating under the tube. She was crying to get someone’s attention. Thankfully the four children happened to be out and about on the farm.

8. Surrounding the Tube

Image: YouTube

The video shows the feet of a few small children. You can hear their voices as they stand over the hole, using a crowbar to try to break through a part of the tube that was sliced. Their parents may not have approved of the crowbar, but are certainly proud of the result.

7. Lambs Tend to Wander

Image: YouTube

The kids weren’t going to give up until the lamb was rescued. How she got inside is still a mystery. Lambs are famous for wandering off the farm, however, and this is why sheep dogs are used to keep the herd together.

6. A Rare Gene

Image: YouTube

Black lambs are very rare. The black fleece gene is recessive, so even if the mother sheep and father ram both carry the recessive gene, there is only a 25 percent chance they will produce a black lamb. This little lady was rare indeed!

5. Making a Comeback

Image: Baltimore Wool Company

Black lambs were long hated by sheep herders, since just one black fiber in a thousand is considered spoiling wool fabrics. However, new uses have been found for black wool, and a growing interest in handspinning has created a demand for black and colored wools.

4. Using a Crowbar

Image: YouTube

The tube may be made from plastic, but it is thick and hard to break. The kids try to dig around the tube to give themselves more space to crow open the tube. They work very hard in the video.

3. Mom to the Rescue

Image: YouTube

Then one of the kids’ mothers comes on the scene. She tries to use an electric saw to cut through the tube. Finally, it cracks open. Inside is the little lamb.

2. Saving the Lamb

Image: YouTube

Thankfully once the lamb was sighted, one of the kids was able to pull her out. The scared lamb was thrilled to be rescued. She doesn’t even fight their attempt to cuddle her in their arms.

1. Four Great Kids

Image: YouTube

If it weren’t for the efforts of the kids and their mom, this lamb might have remained stuck. She was pronounced healthy and returned to the rest of the herd. The children feel great about the good deed they did that day.

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