Killa Kela - Everyday (Official Music Video)

Killa Kela – Everyday

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The U.K.’s West Sussex beatboxer Killa Kela presents “Everyday” in this music video. The first twelve seconds Killa Kela displays his beatboxing skills, but then counts the electronic beat in and begins strutting down a bustling London street. After about a minute his track starts an impromptu dance party in the street with passers-by busting out their best, most sincere (and ridiculous) dance moves. The video is done in one long shot, just pulling backward as Killa Kela dances his way along the street. The frame of shot enhances the dance vibe by bouncing around with three distinct edges, creating a sort of a kaleidoscopic prism effect. His following of street-dance-partiers grows until the background beyond him looks more like a parade than the random strangers who stopped to groove for a minute. They even slow down and dance in slow-motion when the beat lifts up for a verse towards the end of the song, but they start back in full force when the final uptempo chorus hits.  


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