Kim Jong-un's Extravagant Lifestyle Described in Numbers

Kim Jong-un’s Extravagant Lifestyle Described in Numbers

Kim Jong-un’s Extravagant Lifestyle Described in Numbers

Kim Jong-un may be a supreme leader, but he’s also supremely hated. But that’s not all that’s supreme – Kim’s lifestyle goes above and beyond anything even the richest Hollywood celebrity could imagine. His life has been nothing but spending and fulfilling his materialistic fantasies. Here, we present his lifestyle by the numbers. Prepare to be amazed (and a little disgusted).

7: The Age When Kim Jong-un Received His First Mercedes.

Yes, that’s right – Kim was just seven years old when he began to drive, and in a Mercedes, no less. It is estimated that he now has over 100 cars. Well, we know what we won’t be getting him for Christmas.

20: The Number of Pianos Kim Jong-un Owns.

For whatever reason, pianos are a passion of Kim’s. He reportedly brings a posse with him when selecting pianos – probably so they can tell him how good he is. We’ll believe it when we see it.

50-60: The Number of People Kim Has With Him at All Times.

Speaking of posses, Kim has a pretty big one. He likes to keep a “healthy” circle of friends with him at all times – 50 to 60 of his closest friends, to be exact. Think they split the bill when they go out for dinner?

95: The Length of His Yacht (in Feet).

Kim spent seven million dollars on his luxury yacht, which makes sense considering it’s nearly 100 feet long. The yacht was¬†manufactured by British company Princess Yachts.

716: How Many Millions Kim Jong-un Spent on Luxury Goods in 2012.

Though his father was admittedly a big spender, Kim puts him to shame. In just one year, he spent over $700 million on luxury goods alone.

2012: The Year Kim Ordered His Uncle’s Execution.

Looks like family ties aren’t so important anymore.

80,000: The Minimum Estimate of Prisoners Being Detained in North Korean Political Camps.

An estimate by the UN revealed that between 80,000 and 120,000 people are currently being detained in the four political camps scattered throughout North Korea. And these prisoners are being treated like less than human; one report alleged that a prison guard cooked a female prisoner’s baby and fed it to dogs.

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