Kira Kira Gives You Her Blessing

Kira Kira Gives You Her Blessing

Kira Kira

Welcome back to the dreaded Monday, Sleepyheads. Today we’ve got a video that is sure to fascinate called “Bless” by Kira Kira. While you may turn a bit green with envy for the dream sequences you could be sharing, the video is definitely worth quite a few views. In fact, “Bless” is one of the most popular videos on the entire site, and I bet you can figure out why. The story elements seem inspired by The Little Prince, The Neverending Story, and Little Nemo while the animation style reminds of Gene Deitch’s work with the live action Harold and the Purple Crayon videos. Before you get hit with a giant batch of nostalgia because I listed those names, check out this video first to see what I’m talking about.

We open with some kind of alien creature reading a picture book. Oddly, this creature produces whatever it is reading into an image that beams out the top of its head. Because of this very convenient evolutionary development the audience is able to witness quite a story unfold. There we see an adorable old man who bears a subtle resemblance to the Ice King from Adventure Time. Currently he suffers from the insomnia any will not be suffering from by the end of this video. After a trippy exchange with someone under his bed, the man is whisked away to deep into space where he encounters many interesting creatures. What happens next isn’t so much a story as it is a feast for the eyes that can be interpreted several different ways.

Artist Kira Kira, whose real name is Kristín Björk Kristjánsdóttir (I assume she goes by Kira Kira to spare me from the embarrassment of flagrantly mispronouncing her real name) has already made a prolific career as a filmmaker, a photographer, and of course a musician. A self described “audio/visual prankster from Iceland”, Kira has enjoyed exposure all throughout Europe and the United States, with a special appearance in LA coming up at the end of the month.

While Kira Kira provides the calming song, you can thank Overture Animation for the visuals and story. Husband and Wife duo Jason and Aya Brown run Overture Animation and have showcased their work for Festivals in practically every country. More of their videos can be seen right here.

Check out the video below. If falling asleep is a difficult task for you, this video may hold the cure for insomnia.

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