Klassik - ForeverWhatever (Official Music Video)

Klassik – ForeverWhatever

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Watch three dancers bust their moves in Klassik’s “ForeverWhatever” music video. Shot by Daren Cole, the video uses techniques to enhance the dancers’ motions and movements. It includes layering shots so that at times when Klassik is rapping, he appears to be standing still while moving at the same time, or disappears mid dance move and reappears in a totally different spot, smoothly competing the move. Cole also utilizes slow motion to draw your focus to the most difficult, eye catching part of the dance move. As the dancers stretch and lean, a smeared effect amplifies the maneuver. Sometimes the dancers smear and ripple like disturbed pools of water. Mixed in with these effects soaked shots are simpler ones of Klassik sitting in sports bleachers, rapping, or playing an ancient antique piano in a deserted, puddle filled parking lot. He later takes a sledgehammer to said piano, coming it at from opposite sides at the same time (courtesy of special effects). Groove along with Klassik’s alternative hip-hop beat.  

All lyrics and production by Klassik (K. Abston) of Klass Act Production LLC
Video directed by Xavier Ruffin of Dopamine Production LLC.
“ForeverWhatever” is the second single from Klassik’s first full length LP In The Making.
Copyright 2012

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