Kodomo - Infinity Divided (Official Music Video)

Kodomo – Infinity Divided

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Chemicals mix and Adrenaline rushes in “Infinity Divided“, a thrilling hostage tale set to a calculated beat by Brooklyn based Electronic artist Kodomo. Kicking off with a jarring opening that puts the viewer in the same shoes as the kidnapped, the video follows a desperate woman’s attempts to evade her attackers and reach freedom. Intercut are curious shots of various scientific liquids that add an artsy feel to the video. In the end their importance to the story is fittingly revealed.

Kodomo’s mix perfectly matches the various highs and lows of the narrative, which is especially impressive considering the out-of-sequence nature of the video. While scenes rapidly shift time and location, the audience is taken into the desperate, scattered mind of the fleeing woman. The music and images become so frantic that by end of the video the viewer is grateful for the reprieve of calming silence, but excited to ride the emotional roller coaster once again!

Website: kodomomusic.com
Facebook: facebook.com/kodomoremix

Director: Benjamin Parslow

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