Kurt Cobain Note Released by Police

Kurt Cobain Note Released by Police


Twenty years after Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain was found dead in his Seattle home, a handwritten letter by the grunge icon has found its way into the media.

Originally released by The Seattle Police Department to CBS, the letter was found in Cobain’s wallet and kept from the public eye until today.  Written on stationary from the Phoenix Hotel outside San Francisco, the note mocks Cobain’s own wedding vows to wife Courtney Love referring to her as a “bitch with zits” who enjoyed “siphoning all [Cobain’s] money for doping and whoring.”


While this letter contrasts Cobain’s suicide note where he refers to Love as his “goddess of a wife who sweats ambition and empathy”, there is no desire to reopen the investigation of the singer’s death.  It does, however, add yet another detail to one of the most tumultuous rock and roll love stories of all time.

The most recent review of the case occurred last month by Seattle Cold Case detective Mike Ciesynski in preparation for media interest on the 20th anniversary of Cobain’s death.  The review backed up the original conclusion that Cobain committed suicide via a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head paired with a potentially lethal dose of heroin.

In addition to the note, the Seattle Police have released 34 photos taken from the crime scene twenty years ago.  Those photos can be viewed at their blotter website.

Countless conspiracy theories have been postulated since Cobain’s death in 1994, many of them suggesting murder.  While numerous documentaries and articles have explored the possibility, there still remains no solid evidence to suggest that Cobain’s death was anything other than suicide.

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