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Kutcher Donates Millions To Ellen’s New Foundation!

Kutcher Donates Millions To Ellen’s New Foundation!

Most of the world believes that Ellen DeGeneres is a wonderful woman. She is constantly giving to others. Well it just so happens that a certain celebrity decided that it was time to give back.

20. From A Loving Wife


In February of 2018, Ellen DeGeneres’ wife, Portia De Rossi, gave her an amazing gift! One that animal-lovers everywhere were crying over!

19. Not That Kind Of Wild Life


The gift was Ellen’s very own wildlife foundation set up in her name. Ellen was ecstatic and overjoyed that Portia would to such a thing.

18. Close To Home


The fund works to preserve wildlife in Africa. It quickly became a charity that thousands were attached to, with donations coming in immediately.

17. Little By Little


However, those donations are from normal people with normal jobs. People who can’t afford more than a few bucks at a time.

16. Hear It For Kelso!


But just this week, Ashton Kutcher decided that on his appearance on Ellen’s show would blow her out of the water. It was finally time for someone to give Ellen a taste of her own medicine.

15. Quite The Vacation


It all started when Ashton got Ellen to tell him that she was going to Africa to start building the foundation’s campus. With this knowledge, Ashton did something incredible.

14. The Ripple Effect


Ashton introduced his business partner Guy Oseary to Ellen. He then explained that a new company called Ripple was looking for someone to “invest” in.

13. Simply Amazing


Ashton told the company that Ellen was an “amazing human being” who “never asked for help, ever.” And from what friends say…it’s true! She often refuses help.

12. From The Man Himself


“I told them that there’s this amazing human being, and all they ever do is think about other people they can give to,” Ashton told Ellen. “Whether it’s in New Orleans, whether it’s in Montecito, whether it’s the people that come here, the people out there, you’re always thinking about everyone else, and we wanted to show you that people are thinking about you.”

11. Did We Hear That Right?


Ashton then said that with a touch on his phone, $4 million could be sent to Ellen’s new foundation. This may be great advertising for Ripple, but $4 million is still a lot of money!

10. Not Just A Single Tear


This overwhelmed Ellen, causing tears to well up in her eyes and endless gratitude to be sent Ellen’s way.

9. Well-Deserved


It shouldn’t be surprising because Ellen has done so much for so many people! There isn’t a month that goes by that she doesn’t give someone a precious gift.

8. Starting A Fire


In January 2018, after a fire burned over 281,000 acres, she donated more than $14,500 in gift cards and appliances to Redlands Fire, who were one of many fire teams deployed to the area.

7. The Fund We All Need


And she once gave a school $25,000, then brought the whole senior class back to give them $1.6 million dollars from WalMart toward college! One of her grandest yet!

6. One Selfie


What about the time she donated $3 million to children’s charities? All gained from retweeting a selfie at the Oscars? The selfie of the century, that’s for sure!

5. The Best Season


But the best of all was in Season 10 when her entire show was devoted to giving back to her fans, making their dreams come true! We can even begin to describe that season.

4. Thanks To Portia


So as you can see, Ellen deserved someone to gift her…something. What better way than to give to her very own charity?

3. It’s About Time


Fans of Mrs. DeGeneres were pleased as punch that someone finally gave back after all these years of Ellen doing so much for everyone else.

2. A Gorilla, No Longer For Sale


But who was most pleased of all? The endangered gorillas that Ellen started the foundation for! Thanks to Ashton Kutcher and Ripple, they will be given the treatment that they need!

1. Ellen…Out!


A big thanks to everyone involved, and everyone who encourages celebrities like these to continue to spend their money on making the world a better place!

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