Kwoon - I lived On The Moon (Official Music Video)

Kwoon – I lived On The Moon

Starting at the top of a rocky, moonlit mountain, a mother and child look at each other, having a wordless conversation. They begin their journey to the moon, traveling hand in hand. During their journey they battle horrid creatures.  The two take on the fantastical until tragedy happens: the child looses his mother. Left to face the world alone, the young boy collapses in defeat until something wonderful happens: he meets some amazing new friends. Only in the world of a child, can a boy become friends with a  monkey and a talking vegetable. However, things are never as they seem. It is possible that the child is lonely and creates imaginary friends to help him travel to the moon where he believes he can see his mother again. “I lived on the Moon” by Kwoon is a video about the heartbreaking and adventurous journey of a courageous little boy.

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