Kyasma - Radioactivity (Official Music Video)

Kyasma – Radioactivity

“Radioactivity” by Kyasma has a video that tells a story.  We start off with a young man waking up and getting ready to go to work; he turns on the news and sees that there has been an outbreak of nano-technology that is infecting people, and as he leaves for work he sees men dressed in riot armor dragging his next door neighbor away.  When he gets to work, there is a huge black crystal in the middle of the office, presumably the nano machines, and he has to go about work like nothing is happening.  However, as he’s working he notices that it looks like the nano machines have burrowed into his arm, and are spreading – so now he is infected.  He goes into the bathroom to hide from the men in uniform that have the office staked out; unfortunately one of his co-workers sees his arm, and tells the officers.  He takes off running from the building to escape them.  They pursue, around obstacles in cars and eventually on foot, and by the time they corner him the nano machines are visible on his neck, almost to his face.  At the end is an interesting twist; honestly it is just a very interesting, sci-fi video that is definitely worth a look.

Production: Bang bang
Director: Jean-Paul Frenay

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