La Boum Fatale - AAA (Official Music Video)

La Boum Fatale – AAA

The video for “AAA” by La Boum Fatale starts off with a young man leaving a convenience store, and continues from there.  Facing the young man, we can’t see what he sees, but we see his reactions to his surroundings, and whatever visual cues we can get as he goes on his journey help to piece together what is happening.  He walks through the streets and eventually into a building, up the stairs, and into a party where he imbibes some alcohol.  The world spins for a few moments after that, and eventually he goes to another room.  This one is darker and more like the scaled back version of a rave, with colored lights, fog, and confetti.  This whole time, we see the reactions on his face; he’s happy, excited, disappointed, awkward … Eventually he starts to get disoriented, is kissed by someone, keeps getting covered with confetti and walking through smoke, and then he becomes one of the silhouettes as well, though we are still following him, you just can’t see him or really tell what’s going on.  Interestingly, time then begins to rewind, and he leaves the darker room moving backwards into the brighter party room, and eventually back out onto the dark street.  It’s an interesting commentary on party life, and what can happen while you are out on the town.

Production: Sebastian Egert and La Boum Fatale
Editor: Sebastian Egert
Camera: Sebastian Egert and Ingo Polster
Actor: Paul Pötsch
Make up: Maria Middendorf
Costume: Elisabeth von Hardenberg
Post Production: Martin Eichhorn
Venue: Gängeviertel, Hamburg

Taken from the AAA Single EP
Single EP:

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