Ladi6 - Hold Tight (Official Music Video)

Ladi6 – Hold Tight

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Fluid, funky, and psychedelic, Ladi6‘s music video for “Hold Tight” feels like a wonky animated dream with a cool pace and a smooth beat.  It’s hard to tell what we’re looking at, but it’s something like this: a turquoise-colored ripple goes out every few seconds in a navy universe filled with prism-shaped lava lamps, seaweed, and twinkling stars. The one shape we can definitely make out is a head with sunglasses and great lips. Sometimes it dematerializes and gets swept gently away by the ripples, but it’s usually staying there in the center of the screen, pivoting as it sings at least every other verse.The shades come off for the chorus: “Hold tight to me, if in this world you could be anywhere, this is where I would like to be.” The way she’s looking out at you during this bit (yep, even as a 2D animated head) is direct and almost striking. It’s remarkably hard to look away.

Director: Robert Wallace –
Producer:Evie Mackay –
Animators:Robert Wallace –
& Luke Toth –


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