Ladi6 - Shine On (Official Music Video)

Ladi6 – Shine On

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From Christchurch, New Zealand, Ladi6’s music video for “Shine On” mixes Nightmare Before Christmas with Star Trek. A lonely skeleton fellow follows a sci-fi worthy radar tracking tool in an effort to find his lady love. Shot in smooth stop motion, he travels through space in ship reminiscent of the Enterprise while a ghostly band plays instruments made of bones as they float through space. The first love he finds upon landing on a planet full of rocks and gems is a pink box who smiles sweetly at him, but when he hangs her where his heart should be, she grows weak and dies. Sadly, he returns to his ship and travels to the next plant – a jungle filled with plants made of soft yarn. He finds a fuzzy flower who grows bigger with each “Ooh” Ladi6 utters. Once more, he hangs her where his heart should be, but she shrivels up, turns gray and dies. Absolutely heartbroken, Mr. Skeleton directs his ship to a planet with a  silky yet fuzzy terrain. It is here that he comes upon a purple heart shaped lady love who is singing the words to “Shine On.” Find out for yourself if three times is a charm.

Robert Wallace
Director of Photography:
Simon Godsiff |
Creative Consultant:
Emily Macrae |
Art Department:
Simon Godsiff, Roxana McIntyre, Emily Macrae & Robert Wallace.
Art Department Assistants:
Lucy Taggart, Calvin Humby, Hazel Davies, Beth Draper & Julian Schloemer.

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Shine On, available now:

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