Ladies: 5 Reasons Abigail Breslin Is Your Spirit Animal

Ladies: 5 Reasons Abigail Breslin Is Your Spirit Animal

Ladies: 5 Reasons Abigail Breslin Is Your Spirit Animal

Nineteen-year-old actress Abigail Breslin became successful at a very young age. Recently, she’s been praised for her role as Chanel #5 in the new hit series, Scream Queens. However, Breslin is being praised for something else she’s had up her sleeve: a book. Yes, that’s right, Abigail Breslin’s book, This May Sound Crazy, is out now! In honor of this huge accomplishment, we present the top five reasons Abigail Breslin should be your spirit animal.

Number Five: She Has a Crush on Zac Efron.

In an interview, Abigail Breslin admitted that her celebrity crush is Zac Efron, and this crush began when she was about 10 years old. Additionally, Breslin boldly admitted that she cried when she met him. Breslin is literally every girl growing up during the High School Musical era. Honestly, who doesn’t love Zac Efron? Abbie, we can definitely relate to this.

Number Four: She Has Boy Problems.

Abigail Breslin has been very vocal and honest about her boy problems, including on social media platforms like Twitter and Tumblr. Recently, Breslin even admitted that she once talked about her boy problems with Ryan Murphy (creator of Scream Queens) for two hours! Breslin even wrote a song about one of her ex-boyfriends, titled “You Suck.” Total spirit animal material.

Number Three: She Loves Cats.

Breslin has said, “you can never have too many cats.” She calls herself an “unstable cat lady,” and she’s completely in love with her cat, Gizmo. Breslin is every girl who loves cute, cuddly, lovable cats.

Number Two: She Can’t Live Without Coffee.

All of Abigail Breslin’s fans know that she’s basically obsessed with coffee. She doesn’t keep her coffee addiction a secret, especially when it comes to Starbucks and early mornings. For Breslin (and the rest of us), it’s Pumpkin Spice or die.

Number One: She Loves Her Friends Unconditionally.

Abigail Breslin has many friends. You can find her friend group and their adventures on her Twitter and Instagram. Additionally, Breslin documents her cute friendships by posting screenshots of her texts on Twitter. Breslin is vocal about missing her friends, and she clearly loves her friends unconditionally, making her one of the most relatable celebrities of her time.

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