Lady Gaga Shows Support for Bruce Jenner

Lady Gaga Shows Support for Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner announced to the world that he is a transgender woman. The former Olympian sat down with Diane Sawyer for a very revealing one-on-one interview last night. “For all intents and purposes, I am a woman,” Jenner told Sawyer. He stated that he’s always had a soul of a woman, although Jenner doesn’t like the phrase that he’s a girl stuck in a guy’s body. “I’m me. I’m not stuck in anybody’s body,” he stated.

Jenner was once hailed the greatest athlete on the planet, after earning a Gold medal for competing in the Decathlon at the 1976 Olympics. When Sawyer asked Jenner about his legendary performance at the Olympics, he stated that he sees a confused person running away from his life. While most people today recognize Jenner as the Kim Kardashian’s stepfather on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, he vehemently denied his gender change is a publicity stunt. “Are you telling me I’m going to go through a complete gender change for publicity? What I’m doing is going to do some good and we’re going to change the world,” Jenner stated.

Before Jenner’s interview last night, Lady Gaga¬†sent out a few tweets in support of Jenner. “I pray this Swayer/Jenner interview will be met with compassion. This is an important issue. #BeBraveEnoughToBeKind,” Gaga wrote. The pop singer also tweeted,”We have the chance to write this moment in history together. Let’s empower people like Bruce all over the world by being loving & not mean.” During her music career, Gaga has always been a voice for the LBGT community. Her third album, Born This Way, represented individualism and equality. The lyrics for her single “Born This Way” encourages self-empowerment in the LBGT community, and it also promotes others to have compassion and understanding.

Elton John also showed his support for Bruce Jenner. The legendary singer stated that he admires Jenner for his bravery. “It’s an incredibly brave thing to do, especially when you’re older. I admire him for doing it and I support him 100 percent,” John told Access Hollywood. John officially married his partner David Furnish last year, after the couple entered a civil partnership in 2005.

FDRMX Eyes:¬†Pacovolume is a French Indie Rock artist from Paris. Check out his video “Cookie Machine.”

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