Lady Gaga and Tony Bennet Will Swing & Sing In New Album

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennet Will Swing & Sing In New Album

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennet Will Swing and Sing In New AlbumPhoto Courtesy of Vevo

For the two of you out there who were hoping beyond hope for a Lady Gaga/Tony Bennet collaboration, your day has come! Not long after being completely snubbed by the VMA nominations, Lady Gaga has announced an upcoming Jazz Duet album with fellow New Yorker and enduring Romance singer Tony Bennet. The album, Cheek to Cheek, showcases Gaga with 50’s era black hair that makes her, once again, unrecognizable.

While it may seem a random collaboration, the sultry voice of Lady Gaga is a perfect match for Bennet’s smooth vocals. If anyone needs proof of this they should check out the duo’s new cover of “Anything Goes” and the 2011 collaboration “The Lady is a Tramp.” The latter is amusing for Gaga and Bennet’s modernized exchanges.

When asked about the album, Lady Gaga told MTV news that “The collaboration has been so wonderful. It’s so natural singing with Tony. I just learn so much from him every day. I’m so happy”. Tony, who in 2011 said that Gaga was just as good as Ella Fitzgerald, told Rolling Stone that “It’s all the great songs of George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, all the greatest composers. No other country has ever given the rest of the world so many magnificent songs, and they’re gonna live forever. Wait ’til you find out when she sings those songs.”

It will be interesting if one of the Jazz duets is taken in a “freaky” Gaga direction with Bennet by Gaga’s side. It doesn’t have to be anything that conflicts with Bennet’s straight laced persona, but it would be nice for Bennet to come around to Gaga’s style for just one song. Of course, music legends can do what they want, and Bennet has endured throughout the decades without ever having to compromise his style. It just would be nice to see a fun little experimentation from the two. Either way, the album is destined to become a classic.

The release date for the album is September 22rd. FDRMX will be sure to keep up with any more news of this anticipated album.

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