Lady Gaga Will Join 'American Horror Story'

Lady Gaga Will Join ‘American Horror Story’

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Today Lady Gaga officially announced that she will be appearing in the fifth season of the horror television show American Horror Story: Hotel. Gaga made the announcement by posting a video to her social media accounts. In the video, Gaga appears wearing a mysterious and menacing black mask. The musician, who is commonly referred to as Mother Monster by her fans, holds up her hand as a claw (a reference to her Monsters as well as to the fifth season of the show) before taking her mask off and proclaiming that the season would be based around hotel horrors. The new season of the show will be airing in October of 2015, and it will be following the previous season, American Horror Story: Freakshow.

American Horror Story has been on the air since its debut in 2011, and has received a different subtitle each season. The series was created and has been produced by Ryan Murphy (who also produced Glee) and Brad Falchuk. Over the first four seasons, several critical actors and actresses made appearances on the show, including Emma Roberts and Jessica Lange. Lady Gaga will be the first pop musician to join the cast.

The first season of American Horror Story, referred to as Murder House, took place in a haunted Las Vegas home. The franchise has also travelled to an asylum, a coven, and a travelling circus. Since its release, the series has won a series of accolades including 18 Primetime Emmy Awards and seven Golden Globe nominations and has been well received by the general public and critics. During the third season, American Horror Story: Coven, the show was garnering an average of 4 million viewers per episode.

This news follows Lady Gaga’s high profile performance during the 2015 Academy Awards.  During the performance, Gaga performed a moving and impressive tribute to the iconic musical The Sound Of Music, and it was well received by the general public as well as by Julie Andrews who starred in the 1965 film adaptation of the musical. Currently, Lady Gaga is recording her return to pop music with the assistance of RedOne (who produced “Just Dance” with Gaga). The musician has also been seen in the studio with Paul McCartney, and Giorgio Moroder has been trying to set up studio time with the pop star. While she is recording her follow up to her last pop album, she is also working alongside Tony Bennett for the follow-up to their album of jazz standards, Cheek To Cheek. It seems as though there are some busy times ahead for Lady Gaga.

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