Why Lady Gaga's Art is a Form of Subversion

Why Lady Gaga’s Art is a Form of Subversion

Courtesy of power953.com

Courtesy of power953.com

To say that Lady Gaga defies conventions is probably the understatement of the year. At a glance, her substance may not be easily noticed. However, deep appreciation and understanding of her music will prove that she is one of the most relevant artists of her generation. When she released Artpop, she proves everyone that she is here to stay. She takes music very seriously that she gradually defines the pop music of today.

Being a pop superstar may be difficult, especially for Gaga because of her outlandish image. Truth be told, it is easy to regard her as a fad. Will she be able to top her previous records? Will she be able to surpass her outrageous outfits and provocative music videos? Genuinely, she does everytime. Now, we may ask. What message is Gaga telling the world?

In this day and age when sex sells more than art and talent, Gaga is the exception. The sexualization of Gaga is a symbolism of power that challenges preconventional notions of subordination. It is a loud advocacy calling for the abandonment of inequalities. The message in Gaga’s works is consistent: that power should be distributed to everybody who can use it for the collective good. Some may argue that Gaga further promulgates the false notion of power that preys other female pop stars. Nonetheless, there are elements present in Gaga’s works that portray her otherwise. “Alejandro” is against blind reverence, while “Judas” is a song that vehemently tries to challenge religious restrictions. Moreso, “Applause” is the anthem of anybody who wishes to hear music without pretentions, and “Bad Romance” is a wake up call for women not to be dependent on men at any level. 

The woman on top notion, for instance, has been used by Gaga in many of her works. But she also managed to contradict that it may be used against the benefit of the woman. So in “G.U.Y” she said that she does not need to be on top to know she’s worth it because she’s strong enough to know the truth. In addition, the relevance of Gaga is transcendental. It cuts across boundaries of the art. She can actually be a social symbolism that can represent current conditions that hinder the attainment of equality. Gaga may as well become an icon that will be studied by art experts in the decades to come. Her career decisions are subversive too. Her choice to remix “Do What U Want” with the equally iconic Christina Aguilera can be perceived as the merging of empowered females to prove that dominance exists even in the absence of chauvinist males.

There is an undertone in every Gaga song that everybody can be anybody he or she desires. As long as we don’t just follow the dictations of the society and follow the desires of our heart, we may never go astray. The fearless career of Gaga is enough influence to pop music to create art masterpieces that can withstand the test of time. Some of her songs may not be a big hit today, but it will definitely be relevant even after Gaga’s lifetime.

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