This Laibach Video is Slick As a Whistle

This Laibach Video is Slick As a Whistle

This Laibach Video is Slick As a Whistle

Today may be a dreary Monday to return back to work, but luckily PPcorn has a video that will make whistle right on through the day. “The Whistleblowers” by Laibach is a triumphant tune that utilizes various whistles to carry the song. The result is a catchy song that puts a positive spin on an otherwise dark and foreboding video.

“The Whistleblowers” opens with an artsy shot of a boy blowing into a pool of water. Cue the start of the song and we see a group of schoolchildren (male and female) who are put through the rigorous two step training of gymnastics and whistling. I personally can’t see how those two would be related, but I can’t argue with the results at the end.

The gymnastics and training montage adds to the forward momentum of the video. Much like last weeks videoSine”, it seems that the purpose of the school is to train the students in superhuman skills. Maybe Bites and Laibach should join forces to make a video where the two schools fight each other. Telepathy versus Explosive Sound would be a great premise for a music video, but I’m getting ahead of myself. The training culminates with a line of earmuffed students attempting to destroy potted plants while a poster of Laibach frontman Milan Fras stares triumphantly back. This paired with the closing message that “soon the day will come when freedom rings” ends the video on a fittingly epic note.

Though rather unknown in the United States, Laibach has been a fixture of experimental and avant-garde music in Eastern Europe for decades. The band formed in 1980 under the name “Laibach” which was the German name for Slovenia capital Ljubljana during Nazi Occupation. While that may rub some the wrong way, the name choice was meant to convey imperial aesthetic. The band assures that “We are fascists as much as Hitler was a painter” which either means members of Laibach are not fascists or that they are very very bad at being fascists.

Following a 1983 ban in then Yugoslavia, Laibach moved into West Europe to begin touring and recording. It was here they would release their 1985 debut album Laibach which netted them a solid fan base. After the 1991 Fall of The Soviet Union, Laibach enjoyed a surge in popularity in their homeland (now the independent country of Slovenia). Since then Laibach has become internationally known, recently writing the entire soundtrack for the 2012 cult hit Iron Sky.

Check out the video for yourself and familiarize yourself with a band that has contributed over thirty years worth of music to the world.

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