The Whistleblowers by Laibach (Official Music Video)

Laibach – The Whistleblowers

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No pain, no gain. That’s the message we’re picking up from Laibach’s video for their song “The Whistleblowers” at least! The video, which seems to be set in a school gymnasium, shows slow, dramatic scenes of impressively flexible kids doing handstands, back flips, and cartwheels. And as harmless as they look, you really don’t want to underestimate these little ones. In one particular scene, they stand expressionless as they tough out repeated blows to the stomach. But what could they possibly be training for?
Truly capturing the upbeat and determined vibe of the song, kids are later shown in a classroom learning the proper way to whistle along to the catchy chorus. In another, we can see students standing in front of a poster quoting the inspiring lyrics “we rise, we grow” and “breathing as one.” Check it out! This video will be sure to amuse you.

Director: Morten Traavik
DOP: Valdis Celmins
1AC: Janis Jurkovskis
2 AC: Miks Ramans
Art director: Kristaps Epners
Costume designer: Jurate Silakaktina
Make-up artist: Viktorija Safronova
Gaffer: Juris Zemitis
Line Producer: Agne Skane
Editor: Gatis Belogrudovs
VFX: Madars Upitis, Jaroslavs Kreilis
SFX: Janis Kreituss
Colourist & Online Editor: Kriss Rozins
Sound: Artis Dukalskis
Special Thanks: Valnoir, Paris and School 41, Riga
Producer: VFS Films and Traavik.Info
Technical Support: SDG Lighting and BBRental


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