Last Lynx - Lacuna (Official Music Video)

Last Lynx – Lacuna

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In the dreamy black and white video for “Lacuna” by Last Lynx, animated critters chill in the woods in a cool mixed-media landscape. To match the easygoing feel of the song, a plump ghostlike creature struts happily around the forest and plays in the mud. Joining him is a smiling bunny who has all the charm of a Miyazaki character. He blissfully scratches his back on a tree. When a real man and dog come out for a walk, the bunny pops back into the ground. Our ghostly friend also tucks away when the dog comes up to him, giving the video a run-and-hide, Toy Story kind of magic. But we see a truck pulling out of the woods, and we are then taken to a different scene, where a young girl peers into a cage. She accidentally opens it, and it appears that our little ghost has been taken away from the woods. He quietly sneaks out and ends up in a city, sitting sadly on a dirty curb. He almost cheers up when he finds a pigeon to play with, but it quickly flies away and startles him. A tear runs down his cheek as he walks around the unfamiliar landscape, and the video comes to an end. But for just one instant, we see bunny ears overlooking the city, so there is hope for a rescue mission.

Director – Jonathan Eyre
Editor – Christian Stedt
DOP – Johan Forsberg
Animator & Compositor – Love Fagerstedt
Gaffer / Second Camera Operator – Gustav Strimfors
FAD – Gustav Dahlberg
(P) SoFo Records, Under exclusive license to Universal Music AB
(C) SoFo Records, Under exclusive license to Universal Music AB

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