Laura Welsh ft. John Legend: 'Hardest Part' Single Review

Laura Welsh ft. John Legend: ‘Hardest Part’ Single Review

Laura Welsh ft. John Legend: ‘Hardest Part’ Single Review

If you know Laura Welsh, an English singer, then congratulations, you are an extremist at loving music. She is one of those not so renowned singers that are exceptionally gifted. You might remember her from the 2014 song “Here for You” with the English duo, Gorgon City; if not, look up this song. Her latest release, “Hardest Part,” is on a bigger stage as it features John Legend.

John Legend needs no introduction; his 2013 Love in the Future album was indeed a prophecy. It’s 2016, and we still heavily adore the songs off it. The 9 time Grammy winner combines his exceeding vocal endowment with Laura Welsh’s to give us an emotional love song. “Hardest Part” is a song about falling in love and how hard it is to completely and truly let yourself go and fall for someone. It is scary to fall in love and sometimes you try to convince yourself that you do not need the person. The reality is, you need that person. You have probably heard of the common saying that “the heart wants what the heart wants.” Well, this song is in line with that. As much as you may try to deny your feelings and lie to yourself about how you feel, the heart always wins.

Laura Welsh has very unique vocal capabilities. When she sings, it’s a combination of talent and professionalism. She knows how to control her vocals, and it is amazing how well she does this. One wonders where her talent has been hiding all this time. On “Hardest Part,” you will appreciate her ability to go soft and effortlessly blend her vocals with John Legend’s undeniably hard-to-match voice. The fact that she perfectly accomplishes this and does it beyond what one would expect makes this woman a surprisingly great singer. John Legend is one of those artists that put the art in the music, and when one is able to impressively contribute to this art on a song with John Legend, it is safe to say they are special, too.

“Hardest Part” is a song that is perfectly written for anyone that is in denial of how they feel for someone. The lyrics speak directly to you, and you feel like Laura Welsh and John Legend knew exactly how you felt before they went to the studio to record this song. This is one of the things we love about John Legend – he writes songs that perfectly appeal to the emotions they are meant to appeal to. The first lines of Laura Welsh’s first verse are extremely memorable as she sings, “Hardest part I know is giving up little bit of my control / I open up my heart, just a little part / though my mind says no.” The reality in those lines is as real as reality about denial of love will ever get. The words in the song clearly describe the state of emotions of anyone going through such a phase. The entire song is beautifully written, and the above lines are not even the tip of the iceberg. Anticipate so many great lines that are carefully written to appeal to every bit of your emotions.

This is a great song from two great artists. The talent on this song is unmistakable, and together, these two artists have managed to deliver the art we look for in music.

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