Lavender Worm - Pond (Official Music Video)

Lavender Worm – Pond

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Finnish composer Lavender Worm takes us on an eccentric journey through his music video for “Pond.” The beginning can be described as the “START” menu in 8-16 bit games. The overall video is reminiscent of those old Windows screen savers that you stared at in 8th grade computer class. The viewers will experience the trippy mind of the artist as you see a giant blue teapot twirling with the spout faced down. There are dancing humans all around, shaking their hands and hips. The music is in an ongoing loop, while the objects on the screen are unpredictable. These dancing people float on various shaped objects. Next thing you know, there is a bobble-headed elephant in the middle of the room. The body of the elephant looks like that of a Pez dispenser. As it rotates at a fast pace, it disperses colorful rings that go through the people’s bodies. It is truly a strange video worth watching.

Music video for the track “Pond” by Lavender Worm released on Finnish label Raha & Tunteet
Directed by Antony Barkworth-Knight
3D by Ben Black and Antony Barkworth-Knight
Described by Thump Magazine as “like it was made by a genius toddler.”

The video is a fly on the wall documentary style film of the mundane life of a handful of gold men living in a limited chromatic world. Their mission, to find and defeat the evil viral vacuum elephant, is blighted by the fact they’re irrevocable idiots. This, entwined with the fact that their world is rubbish and weird, makes it hard to imagine they’ll succeed. But hey, they can at least dance.


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