Lemaitre - Time To Realize (Official Music Video)

Lemaitre – Time To Realize

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Norwegian band Lemaitre‘s “Time to Realize” disorients the viewer at first listen, quietly showing guards in a military prison as they head to an interrogation room where a man sits with his hands tied behind a chair, a black sack over his head and blood on his shirt. The effect is that of watching an excerpt from a war movie. Rest assured, if you like pleasant surprises, you’ll like what happens next.
When the peppy electronic pop beat comes in full, the effect is unsettling as we anticipate rather rough questioning of the prisoner. Instead, the interrogator, armed with a cane, starts dancing to the indie electronic sounds of Lemaitre. We watch this as if we are both in the room with the prisoner and the questioner, and from the perspective of the guard behind the two-way mirror.  Though the dance-prop cane and the dancing interrogation guard never touch the prisoner, dance-induced torture ensues. Lemaitre’s lyrics further accentuate the cleverness of the “Time to Realize” music video.

Director: Johannes Greve Muskat
DoP: Lasse Nyhaugen
Grading: JGM
Edit: JGM and Lasse Nyhaugen
Choreography by Danby Choi Detainee
Vu TranGuards: Øystein Tronstad and Martin Steen ReymertGet
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/no/artist/lemaitre/id411696416
Spotify: play.spotify.com/user/lemaitremusic
Facebook: facebook.com/lemaitremusic
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/serious-url
Twitter: twitter.com/Lemaitremusic
Website: lemaitremusic.com

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