Leon - Leon 2033 (Official Music Video)

Leon – Leon 2033

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France’s pop imaginaire artist, Leon’s music video for “Leon 2033” is a psychedelic kaleidoscopic rabbit hole of swirling objects and beautiful faces. The footage uses 2D and 3D animation along with stop motion to create a felicitous tumble spiraling closer and closer to – but never quite reaching – Leon. On a background that brings to mind Victorian house wall paper, buttons and paper origami feature prominently as color decorations and props spinning ever more to the driving beat of the piano bass line and the interspersed electronic sound rhythms. The frame twists its way down a promenade made up the clones of an attractive woman in a fitted black dress dancing in place, heading past Leon’s head singing with button eyes framed by a colored geometric rhombus. Paper triangles and flowers spin and flit around. Sometimes Leon himself comprises the promenade, wearing a flat top bowler and a shirt as colorful and trippy as the psychedelic wall paper. The rabbit hole effect pulls you in throughout the entire video, making it near impossible to look away.

Directed by Thomas Blanchard
Lighting Technician – Maud Regnault
Make-Up Artist – Manon Pàventi
Model – Camille Peysselon

Website: iletaitunefoisleon.fr
Facebook: facebook.com/iletaitunefoisleon
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/leon-officiel
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/leon-2033-ep

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