Leonard Cohen’s Preview Track from New Album

Leonard Cohen’s Preview Track from New Album

Leonard Cohen’s Preview Track from New AlbumCourtesy of thefoxisblack.com

Renowned music legend Leonard Cohen has released a teaser track from his upcoming album, Popular Problems. His gravelly bass voice rumbles on “Almost Like the Blues,” with a production quality that makes it as if he were singing right in front of you. Set to be released two days after Cohen turns 80 years old, on September 23rd, 2014, Popular Problems is a dynamic studio album of nine new songs from the incomparable Cohen. Referred to by legendary sessions pianist Lou Reed as one of the “highest and most influential echelon of songwriters,” Cohen says the album covers a range of emotions, from hope and despair to grief and joy within which “the soul unfolds in the chambers of its longing.”

Co-written and produced by Patrick Leonard, who worked with Leonard on his twelfth album 2012’s Old Ideas, the new nine-track LP will be released via Columbia Records. Robert Stringer, Columbia Records’ Chairman and CEO says, “Yes again, Leonard Cohen has broken musical boundaries with new creative inspiration. These nine new songs are simply sublime and innovate with a unique spirit. We’re absolutely thrilled and honored to celebrate this milestone with him.” Leonard’s website contains similar reports, stating that “The clarity and strength of these nine hypnotic songs will have us singing them over and over.”

Popular Problems is the second album (the other being Old Ideas) Leonard has put out since his glorious return to the public eye in 2008. Prior to that, he had been missing from the music scene for fifteen straight years before staging his comeback with several three and a half hour shows that had fans flocking to the venues.  Though it’s unclear yet as to whether or not Leonard will tour in support of Popular Problems, he told Rolling Stone in a 2012  interview that he got back on stage to ensure he would have adequate retirement funds. “I was able to restore my tiny fortune within a year or so, but I kept on touring. Touring is like taking the first step on a walk to China. It’s a serious commitment.”

Check back in with FDRMX on September 22nd for the Encyclopedia of Music’s track-by-track review of Popular Problems. Preorder the album online here. When you preorder, you will receive a free download of the newly released single “Almost Like the Blues.”  Listen to the preview track of  “Almost Like the Blues” here. Find out more about Leonard Cohen here.

Track list for Popular Problems:

1. Slow
2. Almost Like the Blues
3. Samson in New Orleans
4. A Street
5. Did I Ever Love You
6. My Oh My
7. Nevermind
8. Born in Chains
9. You Got Me Singing

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