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Leopard Is Amused By Fearless Tourist Then Does Something Unbelievable

Leopard Is Amused By Fearless Tourist Then Does Something Unbelievable

It’s not every day that we get in contact with a wild animal. In fact, some us may never get close to one in our entire lives. However, when one fearless tourist decided to get very close to a leopard during a safari he was met with an unexpected reaction.

20. Safari

Image: adventureworld.com.au

A safari is often a very popular trip that tourists embark on to see various regions in Africa. The trip involves riding around in a Jeep so that you can see observe and photograph a lot of the wildlife in Africa without disturbing it.

19. Animals

Image: markshimazuphotography.wordpress.com

There are a ton of animals that one can see on a safari! Some of the big ones include lions, leopards, elephants, and even gorillas. It is a breathtaking expedition that stays with you forever. But the man you are about to meet had a different idea!

18. One Man

Image: Abercrombie & Kent

One man decided that he was very interested in going on an African safari. So that’s exactly what he did! The man wanted to see all of the beauty that the nature in Africa had to offer. However, he never expected what would happen instead.

17. Young Leopard

Image: MoneySense

The man was completely taken aback when the car had stopped and a young leopard started to approach the vehicle. The leopard got closer and closer but the tourist didn’t flinch! What happened next is amazing!

16. Up Close

Image: TheAnimalRescueSite.com

Finally, the leopard was face-to-face with the man’s shoe. The man began recording the encounter as it was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Then, the guide suddenly became worried…

15. Worrisome

Image: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

The guide suddenly noticed just how close the leopard had gotten. In the video you can hear the guide saying, “Don’t move.” The leopard, however, didn’t seem to worry and continued to approach and stare at the man’s shoe. Then he does this crazy thing…

14. Intrigued

Image: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

The leopard was completely enchanted by the man’s shoe. Throughout the video, the man continued to remain still and didn’t seem to panic at all. He surely showed his bravery despite being in such a scary situation. One second later he reaches his paw…

13. Pawing

Image: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

Suddenly, the leopard starts to bat the man’s shoe. It seems that the shoes were very interesting to this leopard. The leopard continued to bat the shoes a few more times… then the man said this!

12. Painful

Image: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

Then suddenly, the leopard began to playfully bat at the man’s bare leg. The man yelled out “Ow!” At that point, the leopard began to back away from the man and the safari group. However, this wasn’t the end for the leopard.

11. Coming Back

Image: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

A few moments go by and the leopard’s curiosity once again gets the best of him. He starts to make his way back over to the shoes. This time he intended to inspect the shoe thoroughly. Then he does the cutest thing ever!

10. Sniffing

Image: TheAnimalRescueSite.com

In order to really get a feel for what the object was, the leopard began sniffing it. However, just sniffing it still wasn’t enough. The leopard really needed to know what he was dealing with.

9. Tasty Snack

Image: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

After taking a few nice sniffs of the shoe, the leopard decided to put all of his senses to the test. He quickly stuck out his tongue and began to gave the shoe a lick. However, he didn’t seem to enjoy the taste.

8. Growing Bored

Image: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

Finally, once the leopard realized that the shoe wouldn’t make for a good midday snack, he decided that his investigation was over. So he quickly ran back into the bushes, never to be heard from again.

7. Not Scared

Image: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

The tourist has stated that he wasn’t scared at all throughout the encounter. To him, the leopard just seemed like an oversized cat piqued with curiosity.

6. Big Pussycat

Image: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

He just seemed like a big pussycat,” the tourist stated. The tourist was also incredibly proud of himself for filming the entire encounter. In the video you can hear him saying, “I got that on video baby.”

5. Uploaded

Image: Facebook

The video was uploaded onto Facebook on the Animalkind Stories page. The video instantly went viral with so many people interested to see the interaction between a man and a leopard. You won’t believe how many views its gotten.

4. Viral Video

Image: TheAnimalRescueSite.com

The video instantly went viral after it was uploaded online. It has since gotten 1.7 million views from people from all around the world. There have also been a ton of mixed reactions from viewers.

3. Mixed Reactions

Image: Go2Africa.com

While many people were amazed by the interaction, some weren’t amused by it at all. One user commented saying, “Absolutely no contact should be allowed. They should have driven away when the cat approached.

2. The Harsh Reality

Image: Art of Safari

Another user wrote, “They don’t want to play with you they want to eat you. These are not kitty cats, they are hunters and you are the prey.” Still, other users were amazed at how brave and calm the man managed to stay throughout the encounter.

1. Lucky Tourist

Image: Kruger National Park

Needless to say, all of us can agree that this tourist got insanely lucky with this encounter. Luckily, all he had to deal with was an incredibly curious leopard and a cut on his leg!

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