Leslie Rohonczy - Creativity (Official Music Video)

Leslie Rohonczy – Creativity

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Creativity” by Leslie Rohonczy is a jaw-dropping and colorful music video that will leave you with unanswered questions at the end. The rock star sings in front of the camera throughout the video. The entire video is a stop-motion collage of beautiful and intricate make-up done by Rohonzcy and Roxanne Parent. The background will also catch your eyes as it seems like an enormous canvas, or wall, maybe, splattered with amazing colors that perfectly contrast with the singer’s face and make-up. Rohonczy’s vocals are enchanting and echo-y as she sings, “Creativity, come and set me free / You inspire me with your mystery / Turning fantasies to reality…” The lyrics have somewhat of a deeper meaning in regards to what one’s creativity can reveal. For instance, aside from being a musician, Leslie Rohonczy is a make-up artist. With creativity, one can imagine the unimaginable and make it real through music, art, and more. Enjoy this rock music video, as we hope it inspires you to do wonderful things with your creativity.

Song Composition – Leslie Rohonczy
Audio Production – Leslie Rohonczy and Scott Walsh
Audio Engineering – Scott Walsh, Soundcreation Studio
Musicians – Leslie Rohonczy (Vocals, Keyboards & Percussion), Scott Walsh (Guitars, Bass & Drums) Video Production – Roxanne Parent, Sophie Renaud and Chris Fournier
Make-up Artists – Roxanne Parent and Leslie Rohonczy


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