Letter to Memphis - Thursday Night (Official Music Video)

Letter to Memphis – Thursday Night Blues

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Letter to Memphis just released a new music video for the song, “Thursday Night Blues,” a solid little indie-folk tune that features some very impressive technical musicianship, with elements of blues, soul and pop, and a soaring melody. Letter to Memphis came together as a group in 2011 when singer Devon Cahill joined forces with guitarist Gene Starks. Their goal was to produce clever, honest and relatable songs that people would dance to. They are known for using a lot of acoustic guitar and ukulele, among other classical instruments including an upright bass and a violin. The band recently finished recording their first full length album, Phases. The group is entirely at home in a wide range of genres and fusions of genres. They are also great at writing hooks and catchy chords. What really sets them apart is the craftmanship and mastery of their instruments. As one critic has written: “They represent a timelessness in the pop songbook that could come to be more apparent with each passing decade of durability.” The title of their group is a reference to a song by the Pixies of the same name, which is in turn a reference Chuck Berry’s song, “Memphis, Tennessee.”

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