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Lewis Watson Premiers Album “The Morning”

Lewis Watson Premiers Album “The Morning”Photo Courtesy of entertainment-focus.com

British pop singer Lewis Watson finally has a full-length album, “The Morning,” ready to be released July 8th, 2014. After completing five EPs previously, which included singles like “Calling” and “Even If,” Watson says having a full LP feels strange. “I’m not saying we didn’t care about [the EPs], but they were all demos or all monitor mixes,” Watson explains to Billboard. “I didn’t really mind if they stayed out there, like that, forever. I made them lo-fi on purpose, so that when the record came out nobody who picked up EPs would feel like, ‘I get it, and this is all it will ever be and that’s fine.’ I wanted them to feel like there was a reason to get (the album), so we’ve tried our best to make this one as good as possible.”

“The Morning” has twelve tracks total, four of which have been featured on the earlier EPs, while the rest are new songs. “I wanted it to be a snapshot of the best music that I’m making at the moment,” says Watson, who estimates he considered 60-70 songs for the album. “I wanted to be able to go back to some of the old songs and reproduce them in a different way, but I mostly want people to hear the songs I’m writing now and hope they enjoy them.”

Currently on tour playing festivals in Europe for the summer, and with a journey to North America coming up in the fall, Watson doesn’t really have a lot of time for writing. His stepmother’s family is from Michigan, so Watson feels a certain fondness for America and looks for any excuse to visit. Touring there, however, is a whole different animal. “But to think about ‘cracking’ America, to dwell on that too much could be a very negative thing. To be honest, I’m not a very ambitious person, which is a terrible outlook on life. But I’ll be out there, and hopefully people will like (the music) enough for me to come back and do more.”

Preorder the album “This Morning” now and if you can’t wait till the 8th to hear it, you can listen to it in full here.

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