Like Waves - Behind the Lines (Official Music Video)

Like Waves – Behind the Lines

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Behind the Lines” by Like Waves brings the band to an eerie and ethereal setting. In the opening shot, it feels like we are crawling through the woods Blair Witch-style. The video is creepy in that it is slightly blurred, but the sunlight flickering through the leaves keeps it from getting too scary. When we race to the center of the woods, we see Like Waves performing, and lighting continues to bounce the mood between edgy and soft. The lead singer sits cross-legged on the ground and sings straight into the camera with passion. This image is cut with clips of his band members floating in midair and falling backwards as they perform. We also see a girl running frantically through the woods with bloody hands and torn clothing. Though we never see what she is running from, it is clear that Like Waves is what she is running to. When she jumps into the air and spins in slow motion, she is suddenly transported to the lead singer. But now, there are two of her. As he continues to perform, the clones scramble around in the mud and throw fistfuls of dirt at him. Even when the two girls begin to scream in his ears, it doesn’t break his concentration.

Written by Like Waves
Directed by Dan Kennedy
Recorded in 2011 by Connor Hayes at Brickyard Studio

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