Lil B Will Lecture at Carnegie Mellon University

Lil B Will Lecture at Carnegie Mellon University

Rapper Lil B will deliver a lecture at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania on February 25th. The rapper made the announcement on social media. “LIL B NEXT LECTURE WILL BE HELD AT CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY!!! Feb 25th! PITTSBURGH PENNSYLVANIA!! STUDENTS ONLY!!! HISTORICAL Lil B,” the rapper tweeted. In the past, Lil B has delivered lectures at New York University, University of California, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The rapper’s lectures are widely-respected and they are usually well-received by those people his attend his speaking engagements. Most people even claim Lil B’s lectures are very inspiring.

Besides his rap career, Lil B is also an author. To date, he has published one book entitled Takin’ Over: By Imposing the Positive! The book was published nearly six years ago through Kele Publishing. Takin’ Over: By Imposing the Positive! is a collection of emails and text messages that are intended to promote positive thinking, and encourage readers to believe in themselves. The rapper gave the audience at his NYU lecture a free copy of his book in 2012. A couple of years ago, the rapper also revealed his plans on releasing a second book some time in the near future.

Lil B has gained a lot of notoriety for his ability to build his career through social media websites.The rapper’s online presence has been compared to the way Soulja Boy built his music career. Before his successful solo career, Lil B was a member of The Pack. The group’s song “Vans” became an unexpected hit in 2006. Although Lil B is still affiliated with The Pack, he releases most of his projects as a solo artist; to date, the rapper has released seven studio albums, and well over forty mixtapes, and last year he released the documentary Basedworld. The movie focuses on the rapper’s lifestyle as he navigates through the world. Lil B has popularized the word “based,” and he is also referred to as the BasedGod.

Lil B has also had a bizarre controversy with NBA superstar Kevin Durant. After Durant criticized Lil B’s rap skills a few years ago, the feud began and Lil B went on the attack by criticizing Durant on his mixtapes. Their confrontation went to new levels when Lil B put an alleged curse on the NBA player’s career, in which the rapper vowed Durant would never win an NBA championship; Lil B called it The Based God’s Curse. The “curse” gained a lot of media attention, mainly because Durant lost the championship in the NBA Finals that year. The rapper has not lifted his curse, and Durant has not won an NBA championship ring yet.

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