Lil Wayne: Top 6 Outrageous Interview Quotes

Lil Wayne: Top 6 Outrageous Interview Quotes

Lil Wayne: Top 6 Outrageous Interview Quotes Lil Wayne: Top 7 Outrageous Interview Quotes
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Lil Wayne: Top 7 Outrageous Interview Quotes

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Lil Wayne was everyone’s favorite rapper in the mid- to late 2000s. You couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing one of his latest tracks or catching a song he was featured in. But you might not have heard some of these outrageous interview quotes from the favorite rapper of your high school days. Here are Lil Wayne’s top six most outrageous interview quotes of all time.

Number Six: Lil Wayne On How He Spent His Jail Time

As most fans know, Lil Wayne did spend eight months in jail where he apparently spend some time picking up a few books that were laying around, including the Bible apparently. On what he did with his time in jail, Wayne said, “I also read the Bible for the first time. It was deep!”  Clearly, Lil Wayne doesn’t have time to be paging through the Bible while he’s free.

Number Five: On The Age He Lost His Virginity

And you thought your age was high before, just wait until you hear how old Wayne was. Lil Wayne shocked some readers when he said, “I was 11 and the girl was 13,” in regards to when he lost his virginity. Some might say it was too young, but clearly Weezy doesn’t have any problems with the experience or discussing it.

Number Four: On His Number

“You know something real funny, I’m not gonna tell you the answer to that. But I promise to God when I tell ya, I’ve never lost count.”

Given the early age at which Lil Wayne began his sexually active career, you can assume that the number is probably pretty high by now. Wayne has also said that his high number is proof that you can still have quite a lot of sex while still staying protected from any diseases.

Number Three: On His Stance On Marijuana Use

Leave it to Lil Wayne to never shy from talking about or standing by the drugs he does. At a time when legal marijuana was only a dream in this country, Weezy F. Baby stood by Mary Jane and claimed it helped with his migraines when nothing else would. In his interview with Katie Couric, he stood by his statements and feelings of the good green stuff when he said, “I will stand up for marijuana any day.”

Number Two: On How He Feels About People Who Need Role Models

“If you need an example for how to live, then you just shouldn’t even have been born. Straight up.”

Lil Wayne really couldn’t care less if people expect him to be a role model. As far as he is concerned, no one should need a role model.

Number One: On Why His Music Is Great Not Hot

“I don’t make hot music. I make great music. If I make hot music, then I been on fire for a long f–ing time. The flame is burning out, sweetheart. I’m not hot. I’m great.”

When asked how he makes such hot songs, Wayne expressed that he doesn’t make “hot” songs, he makes great songs. He may be called the Fireman, but Lil Wayne views his music as more than just singles or hits. They are a collection of his talent and art.

Lil Wayne truly does have a way with words, in interviews as well as songs. Go blast some of your favorite tracks from The Carter series and be happy you lived during Wayne’s prime.

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