LILEA NARRATIVE - 7eme Souffle (Official Music Video)

LILEA NARRATIVE – 7eme Souffle

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There’s no telling how long it took to make Lilea Narrative’s music video for the song “7eme Souffle” off of his EP Feline Boulevard. The stop motion sequence follows tendrils of paint within a deserted concrete warehouse of sorts. The paint moves to the hip-hop electro beats of the French producer, flowing up over walls and down stairs. Various shades of blue, black and white crawl over the dull concrete, stopping and going in time to Narrative’s rhythmic constructions, occasionally interrupted and paused by groovy breaks and cuts. The tendrils of paint move in such a way as to appear like arms, with three or four finger-like appendages reaching and stretching towards new directions, often towards different sized diamonds and rhombuses painted in similar colors. Eventually the paint has taken over the entire space, in effect creating a perfect spot for a producer to host a dance party. The closing shot fades out on an awesomely painted graffiti of the track’s name, “7eme Souffle.”

Written by Rodolphe de Koninck & Laurent Feuillet
(p) Lilea Narrative 2012 (c) Grounded Music with courtesy of Bax Records


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