Lindsay Lohan: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 1)

Lindsay Lohan: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Whether you know her as the child star of The Parent Trap or a drug-addled mess, chances are you know who Lindsay Lohan is. Lohan has had a long and sordid history under the spotlight, but the 29-year-old is still admittedly very young. However, despite the fact that she has spent a considerable amount of time under the scrutiny of the public eye, there are still some things that many people don’t know. With that in mind, here we present our list of 15 things you probably didn’t know about Lindsay Lohan. Check out part one below, and stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Number Fifteen: Her Wax Figure Went to Prison. Well, sort of. Lohan’s wax figure featured in Madame Tussauds was dressed in a black and white prototype prison uniform after Lohan was arrested for her second DUI in 2007.

Number Fourteen: She Started Her Modeling Career Very Young. Though most people know Lohan today for her acting career, she actually started off as a model. When she was just three years old, she began modeling for Abercrombie & Fitch Kids and Calvin Klein Kids.

Number Thirteen: She Has Hosted SNL Four Times. Lohan hosted SNL for the first time in 2007 when she was just 17 years old. Since then, she has hosted it three more times.

Number Twelve: She Was Paranoid About Her Appendix. Lohan had her appendix removed in 2007. At the time, she was so nervous that it would be taken out of the hospital and sold on eBay that she requested to take it home and keep it in her fridge.

Number Eleven: One of Her First Roles Was Garbage. Lohan appeared on Late Night with David Letterman when she was just seven years old. In the episode, she played the role of garbage in a skit about things you find at the bottom of the subway.

Number Ten: She Was Roommates With Raven-Symone. Lohan and Raven-Symone befriended each other at a photo shoot for Vanity Fair and subsequently became roommates! Aw.

Number Nine: She Wanted to Be Regina George. When Lohan was auditioning for Mean Girls, she originally wanted to play the role of Regina George. However, she ended up changing her mind because she didn’t want to be thought of as “mean.”

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