Linkin Park Releases New Song

Linkin Park Releases New Song

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Today Linkin Park releases “Final Masquerade”, the latest single off of their upcoming album The Hunting Party. The song is gaining a large amount of buzz due to its rhythmic similarities to past Linkin Park hit “Numb” with many speculating that this newest single will be one of the biggest radio hits of the summer. The lyrics are refreshing while still containing familiar Linkin Park themes of regret and acceptance to move on. “I can’t see forgiveness, and you can’t see the crime/ And we both keep on waiting for what we left behind” is just one of the emotional couplets found in the song.

The song is the fifth single off of their new album The Hunting Party after previous releases of “Guilty All the Same”, “Wasteland”, “Rebellion”, and “Until It’s Gone”. The album continues Linkin Park’s tradition of collaboration with musical appearances by Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, Rakim, and Daron Malakian of System of a Down. Bandmember and songwriter Mike Shinoda explained to Rolling Stone that “”We’re not 18-year-old kids making a loud record – we’re 37-year-old adults making a loud record. And what makes a 37-year-old angry is different than what made us angry back in the day”.

Linkin Park formed in 1996 in Agoura Hills, California. They found immediate success with the release of their first album Hybrid Theory in 2000. That album eventually went certified Diamond thanks to endearing singles like “In the End” and “One Step Closer”. This was followed up by the equally popular Meteora which cemented Linkin Park’s claim to fame with hits like “Numb”, “Faint”, and “Somewhere I Belong”. Throughout the years the band has enjoyed cross genre appeal thanks to their willingness to collaborate with many different artists including Jay-Z, Marilyn Manson, and Steve Aoki. Their 2006 remix of Numb with Jay-Z bagged them the 2006 Grammy for best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

The past decade and a half has seen no decline in the band’s popularity. Every one of Linkin Park’s albums is considered a hit, making them one of the defining artists of modern mainstream music. To date the band has sold over 60 million albums worldwide. After this Friday that number will go up significantly.

The Hunting Party hits stores this Friday. While Linkin Park officially debuts “Final Masquerade” today on MTV fans can check out audio right here.

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