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A Lion Grabbed Her Baby On Live TV. What The Handler Told Mom To Do Sounds Insane!

A Lion Grabbed Her Baby On Live TV. What The Handler Told Mom To Do Sounds Insane!
Image: YouTube

18. TV Gone Wrong

Image: The Sun

With the history of animal appearances going south on live television, you would think that talk show programs would know by now that having live animals is NOT a good idea! However, one Mexican program learned the hard way about the unpredictability of predators around children.

17. A Typical Morning

Image: YouTube

It was a normal day on the set of “Con Sello de Mujer,” which is a Mexican morning show, that is quite popular in the country. That day, a segment was being filmed with a young lion and his trainer. Also on set, was a mother and her little girl.

16. A Normal Start

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The show started off fine. The child was interested in the young lion and the trainer was doing her rehearsed talk, discussing lions in the wild and captivity. Although the mother looks a bit nervous, the lion was calm and the show was going well.

15. What’s that Little Human?

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After a few moments, the young lion seems to take interest in the child. Unfortunately, none of the adults present seem to take notice. We have to admit we’re getting a little nervous for how this might wind up.

14. Moving Ever So Slowly…

Image: YouTube

The trainer doesn’t take notice of the young lion slowly inching his way towards the child. His look is intense, but the young girl is completely oblivious to the predator’s stare. The mother continues to hold her, nervous but relaxed.

13. The Lion’s Interest Grows

Image: YouTube

As the lion continues to show interest in the little girl, no one seems to notice. We have to wonder why the camera crew didn’t at least offer a warning since the lion’s demeanor changed so quickly. We guess they thought the trainer had everything under control.

12. Oh No!


As children do, the child began to cry. It’s unfortunate that no one thought this through because the crying child agitated the lion, causing it to act aggressively due to confusion. Someone should have made the logical decision to separate the two considering how no one can predict a child or lions behavior.

11. A Second Too Late

Image: YouTube

Unfortunately, the calm situation immediately turns hostile when the lion out of nowhere reaches for the child. It happens so fastit takes everyone a second to notice what’s going on, but by that point, it is one second too late.

10. A Swift Attack

Image: YouTube

The lion attacks the little girl, latching its jaws onto her leg. The mother, who’s now in full-blown terror mode, holds onto the child tightly, as the lion begins to tug hard. Can you believe this is happening on live TV? You would think they would have something like this under better control.

9. Tears Galore!

Image: YouTube

The little girl begins to cry, clearly terrified as the trainer steps in. Unfortunately, the lion has a strong hold on the little girl and continues to drag her towards him violently. Will they be able to save her?

8. Screaming isn’t a Good Idea…

Image: YouTube

At this point, the child’s mother begins to scream bloody murder, but the trainer immediately tells her to stop. You won’t believe what the trainer says next.

7. Stay Calm and Quiet

Image: YouTube

In an effort to calm the lion, the trainer tells the mother to calm down and be quiet. We assume the louder the mother screamed, the more agitated the lion would get. Still fearful, the mother remained silent, trying to smile at her daughter and maintaining a firm grip.

6. What’s Going to Happen?

Image: YouTube

The tension in the air is so thick you could probably cut it with a knife. While the trainer seems calm, there is a look of worry in her eyes. This definitely was not how the segment was supposed to play out. Hopefully, the little girl won’t be traumatized for life after this. Well, that is, if she actually makes it!

5. Finally Free

Image: YouTube

Thankfully, the second trainer intervenes as well and is able to help pry the lion off of the child. Both trainers work in tandem and manage to free the little girl from its grip. We have to say our hearts are beating a little too fast right now!

4. A Calming Embrace

Image: YouTube

The trainer grabs the mother and child in an embrace, trying to pacify the situation, while the show’s host seems to be in disbelief of what just occurred. The lion is thankfully removed from the set. While this ended well, it could have had a much more horrific result if the trainers had not been ready to act!

3. Lesson Learned

Image: YouTube

Let this be a real lesson when it comes to wild animals around children on live TV. Just don’t do it! We have to say we wouldn’t be surprised if a lawsuit was announced any day now! Talk about a terrifying experience. Would you have let your child that close to a lion?

2. What About A Sea Lion?


Speaking of children getting attacked by wild animals, there was another incident that shocked parents all around. A California SEA lion was inching closer and closer to a family in Richmond, British Columbia when all of a sudden it grabbed their child. The family and onlookers cheered as the sea lion inched closer and closer to the girl, cheering it on as it started to become more dangerous…

Why does it seem like people think wild animals are going to act like those displayed in Disney movies?

1. People Just Don’t Get It


Fortunately, the child survived relatively unharmed, although frightened. An onlooker jumped in and courageously saved the little girl and quickly evacuated the water himself. The terrifying part of this situation is, it was totally avoidable (much like the lion and the child). It’s a good thing the young girl wasn’t harmed because there was no trainer in this situation to calm the animal down. This situation, just like the lion on the TV show, is a perfect example of how nature should be respected, from a distance.


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