Lirrika - I'd Rather Be Falling (Official Music Video)

Lirrika – I’d Rather Be Falling

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The talented Boris and Bratya Grim are back with another music video filled with unique visuals entitled “I’d Rather Be Falling,” under their electronic rock project called Lirrika. It is dark out, and a woman is walking in the middle of the road, where we notice someone mysterious following her. The video then cuts to a beautifully decorated house or apartment, where candles are the only source of light to keep the night going. The camera pans around the room, and the mysterious figure, who is dressed in a blacksuit, is found in different parts of the home. During the day, the woman and figure enjoy afternoon tea on the balcony. They are aware of each other’s presence. Although there isn’t a solid story line, there’s a weird and enjoyable twist in the end in which only the viewer can interpret their own meanings.

The track is just shy of two minutes. The song is reminiscent of The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows.” It’s very different from their previous video entitled “Pzdtz/Something,” but it’s just as lovely. The brainchild behind the moniker Lirrika is no doubt versatile when it comes producing music. From Russian to English and indie rock to electronic, we can expect many things from Boris and Bratya Grim.

Boris Burdaev: Vocals, Guitar
Maksim Nikitin: Bass
Vasily Nikitin: Drums
Vladimir Kosorukov: Guitar

Film Director – Ilya Yurtaev
Director of Photography – Anastasiya Zhukova
Reptiloid Production (c) 2013


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