Listen To LUMBERJVCK’s Hand-Chopped EP: ‘JVCKWOOD’


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Fresh from the roots of California, young 20-year old prodigy, Connor Schatzel, better known as LUMBERJVCK, has made a strike back with yet another installment of his woodsy bass beats for listeners to enjoy. The 4-track collection entitled ‘JVCKWOOD’ is a journey of sound that is nothing short of amazing, and accurately showcases everything that this creative talent is capable of. During his teens, Connor attended the Icon Collective music school, based out of Burbank, CA. He later went onto win the EDC Chicago Discovery Project in 2013, and even made a cameo appearance in Borgore’s UZA music video.

To no surprise, he now makes his debut on Excision’s very own self-made imprint, Rottun Recordings. Opening up with his collaboration alongside KhemehK, “Bumpwood” makes a sharp entrance as the EP’s anchor. Using choppy 8-bit synths with rattling drum patterns, the two then splice up vocal samples and hit listeners smack in the face with a roller coaster of grimey bass-leads. Leading into the second track, “Reelfoot Lake” kicks off with a beautiful yet wicked introduction that blends classical melodies with an abstract flavor that is hard to describe. Solidifying as it builds up, it creates a gateway into a maelstrom of deliciously sweet glitch hits that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I really enjoy the theme LUMBERJVCK chose when creating this intense collection. It’s an ominous yet wonderful setting that creates an extremely evocative listening experience.

Marked as a halfway point, “Cordwood” is by far one of my favorites off the EP. The track just starts right off with a vile organ-esque tone that creates a bridge to chainsaw one-offs and hardstyle-like patterns. His use of natural sounds just makes this track special, and forms to create a structure of versatility. Lastly, LUMBERJVCK closes down shop with “Mirkwood” – a storytelling multi-emotional song, brimmed with light melodies and gloomy basslines. The EP is seriously a bold statement to Dubstep fanatics everywhere, and we can only anticipate where we’ll be seeing this rising composer next. Purchase your copy of the collection here!

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