Little Big Town: 'Girl Crush' Single Review

Little Big Town: ‘Girl Crush’ Single Review

Country quartet Little Big Town’s single “Girl Crush” was sitting at the top of Billboard’s list of Hot Country Songs almost seven months after its release. After Little Big Town performed on The Voice last year, this track’s popularity soared to unbelievable heights. This song is a beautiful country ballad with a relatable story that can appeal to fans of all different types of musical styles and genres.

Looking at the title of this song, one would think that “Girl Crush” is about a female lusting after another female and wanting to be with her romantically. However, Little Big Town puts a spin on this song and looks at the term “girl crush” from another angle. When member Karen Fairchild sings about having a girl crush, she states that she wishes to be the girl she has a crush on in order to get a certain man to love her. Every female can relate to the lyrics of this song, some of which include “I want her long blonde hair / I want her magic touch / Yeah, ’cause maybe then / You’d want me just as much” and “I got it real bad / Want everything she has / That smile and that midnight laugh / She’s giving you now.”

This track is one of the most peaceful country songs that I have ever heard and I am absolutely enchanted by it. Karen Fairchild, who leads the song, has an expertly-crafted and powerful voice but knows how to use it in a way that actually means something to the listener. In addition, the simplistic instrumental that plays throughout the entire track is gentle and serene, and it instantly puts the listener at ease. The beautiful and graceful harmonies that Little Big Town sings put the finishing touches on this incredible song and tie all of the loose ends together.

Overall, with its beautiful melodies and peaceful nature, it is no wonder that Little Big Town’s single “Girl Crush” is one of the hottest country songs on the market. If Little Big Town continues to produce songs that can appeal to people all around the globe, they will surely become the next big thing in country music.

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