Little Mix: Top 8 Things You Never Knew About The Girl Group

Little Mix: Top 8 Things You Never Knew About The Girl Group

Little Mix: Top 8 Things You Never Knew About The Girl Group

If you’ve never heard of Little Mix then you must be living under a rock. The former winners of X-Factor have been working hard to make a name for themselves as a successful girl group in the music industry. Here are the top eight things you never knew about these peppy, talented teen singers.

Number Eight: Little Mix’s Logo Represents Each Of The Four Girls

Jesy, Jade, Perrie, and Leigh-Anne all have a corresponding square on the four-square logo that the group has adopted. The logo consists of four symbols: a boombox, bowtie, flower, and baseball cap. The ultimate die-hard fan test: Which symbol if for what girl?

Number Seven: One Member Was Engaged To A 1D Member

That’s right, one of your favorite, talented singers was engaged to none other than a One Direction member. Who you ask? Well, Perrie and Zayn had a very long and tumultuous relationship that is said to be the reason he left the band. Talk about drama. Too bad it didn’t end up working out for the pair in the long run.

Number Six: Little Mix Used To Go By A Different Name

Sadly, Little Mix was not always the name of this powerful girl group. When they first started out, the girls were known as Rhythmix. Since it was already taken by another organization, the girls swapped it out for Little Mix which they have been known by ever since.

Number Five: The Girls Can Rock Some Impressive American Accents

Although they all have strong British accents, the band has been known to adopt some rather impressive American accents. With a hat, some sunglasses, and a brief geography lesson on the States, these girls could probably pass as citizens.

Number Four: TLC Was One Of The Group’s Biggest Inspirations Growing Up

TLC, the ultimate girl group of the 90s, was actually one of the group’s biggest inspirations growing up and led many of the members to pursue a career in singing. T-Boz, a member of TLC, ended up writing one of the group’s songs and being featured on it.

Number Three: Jade Auditioned For The X-Factor More Than Once

Thankfully, after her first audition in 2008, Jade wasn’t picked to move on. This initial disappointment eventually led her to her third audition for the reality TV show, teaming up with her Little Mix band mates, and finally the band’s eventual shot at fame and success.

Number Two: The Band Is The Creation Of X-Factor Execs

Contrary to popular belief, Little Mix did not know one another prior to auditioning. Instead, they all auditioned as soloists and were cast and re-cast in numerous groups until the X-Factor executives felt they finally got the mixture just right.

Number One: The Girls Motto Is: Always Be Yourself

This unique girl group definitely shook the music industry up when they first came out thanks to their wild style and interesting voices. They understand and appreciate the importance of being unique and that’s why the band’s motto is, “Always be yourself.” Talk about inspiring.

There you have it. All the facts you never knew about the girl group, Little Mix. Now go put one of their songs on and try to figure out which girl is which symbol on their logo.

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