Lobster Facts: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 2)

Lobster Facts: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We all liked us some Lobster in one way or another. And we bet you couldn’t get enough of your strange lobster facts, which works out because there are plenty of strange facts to choose from out there. So here is some more crustacean information for you sink your stomach-teeth into.

Number Eight: They Travel. Some lobsters will travel up to 100 miles in a year, which is impressive given the size of the little things.

Number Seven: They Have No Central Nervous System. In place of that, they actually have many little bunches of nerve tissue all over their bodies.

Number Six: Not All of them Have Claws. Some lobsters are all legs and body but no signature claw to help defend themselves. I think we can all agree that these are the worst kinds of lobsters.

Number Five: They Will Sometimes Hold Hands. Lobster parents will sometimes connect claws with their young to guide them around the ocean floor. Which is adorable in a spiny way. But it also seems like it could be some pretty tedious work.

Number Four: They Favor Hands Just Like Humans. Some lobsters are right-handed, some are left-handed. There are even the rare LeBron James-like ambidextrous lobsters who can work equally well with both hands.

Number Three: There Are Many Lobster Colors. And in fact, most are not red before being cooked. Some are brown, some are green, and some are even a bright, almost fluorescent blue color.

Number Two: Lobsters Carry Their Young For Nine Long Months. Same as we human beings. But unlike humans, female lobsters can also hold onto live sperm and not fertilize their eggs right away. In fact, they can carry sperm around for up to two years before deciding that it’s the right time for them to fertilize.

Number One: They Do Not Go Into Shock. PETA would like you to know that they do not go into shock when being killed, so they’re very physically aware of what’s happening to them. So there’s some (undeniably delicious) food for thought for you. Hope you’ve enjoyed your lobster facts!

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