The Lone Bellow: 'Then Came The Morning' Album Review

The Lone Bellow: ‘Then Came The Morning’ Album Review

Descendant Records

Descendant Records

When the Lone Bellow first announced that they would be releasing a follow-up album to their self-titled debut, I was a bit nervous. The Brooklyn-based folk trio had completely stolen my heart with their debut, The Lone Bellow. The album was gut-wrenchingly good, so how could anything live up to it? Turns out, Then Came The Morning, surpassed any and all expectations I had.

Zach Williams, Kanene Pipkin and Brian Elmquist completely poured everything into this new album. They set themselves up for success from the beginning of the process. The song writing in Then Came The Morning reaches new levels of intimacy that forces the listener to connect to whichever song one is listening to. At first listen, you become painfully aware that these songs were scripted from very personal experiences. For example, in “Marietta” Zach Williams wrote about a time in his marriage where betrayal and secrets were at the core of the relationship.

The first single off the album is “Then Came The Morning,” and in my opinion, is the perfect choice for the opening track of the album. This song truly showcases the immense power that the Lone Bellow possesses. From the beautiful lyrics, “Then came the morning/It was bright like a light that you cut from your smile,” to the intricate harmonizing that is done in the song, the track keeps you engaged the whole way through.

One of my favorite songs of the album is “Call to War.” In this song, Kanene takes the lead, and the lyrics fit her vocals in a way that forces you to listen with your soul. Don’t let their soothing voices fool you though, these guys can also write a song that will get you on the dance floor. When I first heard “Heaven Don’t Call Me Home,” all I wanted to do was dance. My first instinct was to get out of bed and have a solo-dance party. Experts at harmonizing, the Lone Bellow let their voices take the lead on the last track, “I Let You Go”. 

I want to tell you that you should buy the album because of a specific song, but the truth is that I can’t choose one. So instead, I will tell you that you should buy the album for all of the songs. With their previous album, the Lone Bellow were constantly being compared to the Civil Wars. With this album though, they’re slowly entering into their own category. The Lone Bellow is definitely making their mark with Then Came The Morning, and you will definitely be regretting it if you don’t get their album which is available now.

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