Machine Gun Kelly ft. Victoria Monet: 'A Little More' Single Review

Machine Gun Kelly ft. Victoria Monet: ‘A Little More’ Single Review

Machine Gun Kelly wakes up and shares, “I had a dream the world changed / And for a minute there was no pain” back in reality, “Then I wake up to see the world’s ill,” and in need of love. The moving single, “A Little More,” is a contemporary pop/rap collaboration with artist Victoria Monet from his latest sophomore album. A prominent message remains that he has grown tired of rappers and people in general acting hard, holding guns, being irritable, negative and attacking all the time, instead of spreading peace and positivity. This song sounds very mainstream production-wise, but the message is potent and puts the rapper in the right direction for his album. However, radio may not show affection to a song about an uplifting message about love. It is a refreshing development in the proper direction for the rapper. Cleveland, rest assured, your boy has made another meaningful record.

Kelly commands a change: “You can give up like they tell you / Stop like they tell you / Be scared to dream for the top like they tell you / But I’m tryna tell you, f*** what they tell you,” in such a forward voice. It will prove tough to resist this record, especially after hearing, “In my hood money equals power / And in the world money controls everything we believe in.” Aggressive in his arrival, the song is above average. His striking verse is a riot from the first instance. On the same page, a decent pre-hook emerges: “I screamed at the top of my lungs / But my voice couldn’t save this home / You’re proud of the guns you own / What left now?”

As a single, the chorus lacks any real punch for a total knockout, but the message remains supreme. In the end, this is why Machine Gun Kelly is an inspiration to his fans, and he’s still the same man from Cleveland. After this robust single, I can’t wait for concert dates and the album already; It’s been three years since his debut album, Laced Up. The song wants the world to change; it’s not preachy, but it’s a spirited urban style that levitates the mind. MGK is clearly describing a world he desires in his dreams and the heartbreaking reality of the real world. “Wild Boy” was not a radio hit, and “Invincible” was on local stations and hip hop stations. He might get his first radio hit on all radio formats with this one, though.

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