Maggie Lawson - Must Love Dogs

Maggie Lawson – Must Love Dogs

Maggie Lawson – Must Love Dogs

Numerous people have pets that accompany them through life: cats, rabbits, birds, and dogs are just a few popular household pets. They keep their human owners company and quickly become part of the family. Owners refer to them as their “children,” and an unbreakable bond is formed. Cuddling with dogs or cats can often make stress just disappear. Everything seems to be okay when a dog or cat sits on your lap. Actress Maggie Lawson, of the hit t.v. show Psych, knows all about dogs, and she proves it with her activism.

Maggie Lawson has always been passionate about animals, and she’s always been an avid dog lover. As a mother of furry friends, Maggie actively protects her “children” and other dogs everywhere. Lawson is the co-founder of The Tiger Frances Foundation, an organization that protects animals from abuse and finds homes for abused and abandoned dogs. Through this foundation, Lawson creates the message that dogs and other animals are humans’ source of unconditional love. Unlike other humans, your pets will never abandon you. Dogs are there whether you’re happy or sad, healthy or sick, alive or dying. Dogs are, in some cases, essential to a happy life.

Lawson proves this through her work with The Tiger Frances Foundation. Many of the dogs that Lawson and her foundation find are abandoned at their owner’s houses or even on the side of the road. Typically, these dogs are very hurt and very ill, and many pet owners do not want to adopt them. Instead, they purchase healthy puppies from pet stores. However, it is Lawson’s goal to find homes for every abandoned and abused animal she finds. It is her goal to make sure that these abandoned and abused animals find the care they truly deserve. Lawson informs people that each dog has love in his or her heart to give to a family wanting a pet. Dogs are gentle, kind, and they will brighten up the lives of everyone around them. Lawson has made it her mission in life to protect the animals she cares for most. She proves to everyone that we should all love dogs. Her kind heart, passion, and love for dogs everywhere is saving the lives of these precious animals. If you want to know more about Maggie Lawson’s foundation and any adoptable pets, please click here.

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