Make Pancakes Way Healthier by Changing Only Two Ingredients

Make Pancakes Way Healthier by Changing Only Two Ingredients

Make Pancakes Way Healthier by Changing Only Two Ingredients

I bet you all love pancakes. I know that I do. But more often than not eating too many may lead to gaining a pound or two. And if weight is not something you have a problem with, then think of your overall health. But, who said you should cut on pancakes, there’s no such thing!

Quite the opposite, since the internet abounds with delicious recipes you can choose your favorite pancake recipe among many delicious and simple ones, but the trick is to change only two ingredients.

What Pancake Ingredient Remains Constant and which are the Two that Ought to Be Replaced?

Although at first, I found healthy and pancake, not two words that are to go together in the same sentence, after looking through the web I found that not only is it possible, but the hotcakes can actually taste a lot better when prepared with these ingredients.

We all know what the ordinary batter is comprised of: flour, milk, and eggs. And while you can always replace the regular egg for a flux variant, I like to keep to the good old chicken eggs. The reason behind this is that I find them extremely important when it comes to the pancake’s texture, and there is certainly a reason why they were our ancestors’ main source of protein.

First of all, there are two ingredients, but they can come in many different forms, so you will still have a chance to opt for the one you find most appropriate. Flour and milk.

Flour in Pancake Recipes

Forget all about the all-purpose flour, these next few alternatives work just as well in making your pancakes fluffy, only they are way more nutritious.

Whole Wheat flour. The most common substitute for all-purpose flour is the whole wheat counterpart. Recipes that make use of this flour can be found everywhere and the main reason behind its wide use is it being more nutritious and giving a certain nutty flavor that makes hotcakes more interesting.

Coconut flour. This is my favorite flour replacement not only because I love the coconut aroma, but because hotcakes made with this flour are pillowy soft and incredibly delicious.

Almond flour. This is another great alternative because it is made totally out of almonds thus keeping all their nutritious values and health benefits. Not to mention your pancake recipe will have a tasty nutty flavor.

Milk in Pancake Recipes

Again, the regular dairy milks, be them low-fat or whole, are probably something you want to avoid. Instead, go for one of these alternatives.

Soy milk. The most widely used milk substitute can work great in hotcake batters as well. It has the same amount of protein as whole milk and it is also rich in potassium. But just in case you want a more flavored version maybe one of the following will be more up your alley.

Coconut milk. Just like coconut flour, anyone who loves coconuts will also love coconut milk. Contrary to the common opinion, coconut milk can actually lower your cholesterol levels and help regulate your blood pressure, and what’s more will make for the fluffiest pancake stack ever!

Almond milk. This milk will inevitably have that nutty aroma again, but it is actually its best feature, ok, beside the many health promoting features that refer to almond flour above.

Next time you are preparing a batch of pancakes, consider replacing your regular ingredients with one of these alternatives. You will be surprised at how tasty the outcome will be, not to mention way healthier! Click here to find out more recipes!

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