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Mama Cat Just Gave Birth To Adorable Kittens. When She Finds An Intruder, This Happens

Mama Cat Just Gave Birth To Adorable Kittens. When She Finds An Intruder, This Happens

Mother cats are known to ferociously protect their kitties. And when an intruder was brought into her litter, Gwen the mother cat did nothing else than lick it and accept it as her own baby.

Gwen and her litter of kitties were living at an animal shelter. That’s when the staff brought her a tiny Chihuahua puppy that desperately needed a mommy. And since there was no mother dog at the shelter, Gwen was the best option.

You won’t believe what happens next!

20. A Stray Orphan

The Chihuahua puppy was an orphan. His mother died after a car accident, and a passerby found him on the side of the road. The person took the tiny pup to the Michigan Humane Society, hoping they’ll care for him…

19. Volunteers Struggled to Keep Him Alive

Ryan McTigue, of the Michigan Humane Society (MHS), said that ‘the mother had gotten hit by a car, and, unfortunately, she passed away when he was a couple of days old.’ The pup was very young and fragile!

18. A Tiny Pup

The volunteers at the shelter struggled to give the tiny pup a new chance at life, but he desperately needed the love of a mother, and he also needed some milk. The staff named him Bobby, and then they had this idea…

17. Constant Attention

The pup would need a foster mom to care for him round the clock, and he couldn’t yet eat solid food. So, basically, he needed a nursing dog. But the shelter only had a nursing cat. Looking at how tiny Bobby was…

16. A Perfect Fit!

Knowing that a young pup needs a nursing mom, the staff thought that the nursing cat might accept him. He was as small as the kittens, and he’d just mingle with them! This is what the humane society wrote on their Facebook page.

15. This is Tiny Bobby

On their social media pages, they posted Bobby’s story and how the staff worked to find this baby the perfect mom: ‘The calories and nutrition to keep him healthy and growing need to come from his mom.’

14. Why Not Bottle Feeding?

‘Bottle feeding can be inconsistent, laborious, and risky, even for those that have the resources and time to do so,’ wrote the post. One of the employees, Faith O’Georgia, also talked about Bobby’s new mom…

13. It Was a Great Idea

O’Georgia said that the humane society ‘had a mom cat that was recently still nursing and they thought — ingenious idea — to maybe see if this puppy could go along with these guys.’ She couldn’t believe her eyes!

12. It Worked!

She explains that they wanted to see how the mother cat would react and if she would ‘treat him like one of her own. And it actually worked.’ As they placed Bobby next to Gwen, she began licking him!

11. A Great Mommy

The mother cat just started to feed and clean Bobby like he was one of her babies! McTigue said that the cat ‘was very content with all her little guys running around, so it seems like a perfect fit.’

10. There’s Milk For Everyone!

And when mommy Gwen goes to eat her fill, she’d allow all the hungry babies to get some milk. It seems that being a mom is a 24-hour job even for cats! But what about the kittens and the puppy?

9. They Love Him!

The kittens accepted Bobby as one of their own. They lick and play with him! Bobby now has a mom and a ton of meowing siblings! There’s even one kitty that always follows him around!

8. Foster Care

McTigue explained that the whole litter will ‘be in foster care until they’re big enough to find loving homes.’ How long will Bobby have to stay with his new family?

7. Learning How to Dog

‘We’re going to have to get him into a home with some dogs,’ said McTigue, laughing. He also said that Bobby will have to ‘learn how to be … you know … a dog.’ He’ll have to say goodbye to his foster family.

6. Bobby Will Grow Older

Once the pup is old enough to eat solid food, the humane society will send Bobby to a foster family where there are other dogs. McTigue said that, even then, Bobby will be ‘a good ambassador for both species, that’s for sure.’

5. Cat-Friendly

We hope that Bobby will remain cat-friendly in memory of his kitty family. We sure know that one of the kittens that were adopted has developed a strong bond with the dog of her new family. But that’s just one good news!

4. Foster Care

Bobby grew and went into foster care, writes the humane society on social media: ‘Bobby is doing well in foster care, but still needs several weeks of care before he will be ready to be adopted into a forever home.’

3. Never Forgetting Family!

Although Bobby started to meet other dogs and learned some ‘proper canine body language,’ the update wrote that the pup ‘still loves his kitty family!’ Then, one month later, this happened!

2. Bobby is Now Lemmy

A month later after being in foster care, Bobby was adopted by a human dad called Marc. He gave the pup a home and a new name, Lemmy. Just look how happy they are!

1. Cats and Dogs Can Get Along!

Ryan McTigue concludes that ‘cats and dogs aren’t supposed to like each other but as we all know at the Michigan Humane Society that’s not always the case.’ Bobby and his kitty siblings are a great example! Cats and dogs can be friends with a proper introduction and some love!

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