Mamaku - Mon Ami (Official Music Video)

Mamaku – Mon Ami

Sunbathe to the sultry voice of Mon Ami in this music video for Mamaku. As the lead singer sings lovingly to the ocean, a seemingly unrelated little girl begins a long trek to the sea, dragging a wooden chair. Despite a few stumbles, the child sets down her chair for an up-close view the falling waves. At this point, the two narratives seem to entwine, but only for a few brief, ambiguous moments. Fans of interpretive music videos will have a rewarding time figuring out the message hiding below this video’s surface.
Those who don’t speak the French language shouldn’t be deterred from watching this video. The lyrics continuously roll off the singer’s tongue so well that those who can’t understand the meaning won’t mind a listen or two to this woman’s voice. The images alone are compelling enough, with one brief mother-daughter moment sure to make anyone feel a heart pang, regardless of what language they speak.

T.Divers/ D.Guilleminot

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