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Man Dedicates His Life To Help Animals Walk Again

Man Dedicates His Life To Help Animals Walk Again

Some people are so amazing that they make it their life goal to help animals in need. This is exactly the type of person Derrick Campana is because he invested all his funds into a company which creates prosthetics for all kinds of animals.

21. Saving Lives

The man is so dedicated to his work that he became an internet sensation, and for good reason! You won’t believe how many animals got a second chance at life after meeting Derrick!

20. Animal Prosthetics

Animals that go through an accident and lose their limbs don’t live that long. Even though their wounds might heal over time, these animals need to run and be free which is not possible if they miss a leg. Here is where Derrick Campana comes in. He is a true miracle worker!

19. Derrick Campana

The man in this picture is Derrick Campana and his life mission is to save animals who lost limbs in tragic accidents. The next picture will leave in you awe!

18. Animal Ortho Care

Derrick Campana is the founder of Animal Ortho Care which is a company that creates prosthetic limbs for animals. As crazy as this might sound, Derrick is not looking to make a profit and he just wants to make the world a better place instead. We can’t believe how many animals he saved, photo #7 is breathtaking!

17. Making The World A Better Place

There are thousands of animals who are mistreated and not cared for and this is breaking Derrick’s heart. The man is an animal lover and he wanted to show that by creating the Animal Ortho Care company. Keep reading because the upcoming pictures will bring a smile to your face!

16. Improving The Lives Of Animals

Derrick Campana knows that thousands of animals get in accidents and lose their limbs every day and his company helps improve their life. Although, why do you think Derrick dedicates his life to helping animals?

15. Personal Satisfaction

Derrick says that nothing brings him more satisfaction than helping animals. Seeing how an injured animal can run around the house after getting a prosthetic limb is priceless and this is what matters to Derrick. However, this doesn’t mean that his company is not successful. The man is a rock star, check him out in the next photo!

14. Successful Business

Despite being driven by his love of animals, Derrick’s company is super successful. Derrick says that many people love their pets and they ask him to keep creating bionic leg braces as you will see in the next picture.

13. Bionic Leg Brace

Unfortunately, dogs are the ones who get into the most accidents and lose their legs. Derrick says that most of them are hit by cars while running around the road and not being able to run anymore will ruin their life. However, Derrick doesn’t only create prosthetic limbs for small animals!

12. Big Elephant

The biggest animals that Derrick had to build a prosthetic for was an elephant. While this might be amazing, Derrick says that this was also his most challenging task and the upcoming picture will show you why.

11. Close Calculations

Derrick had to weigh in the huge elephant and to consider the type of terrain that it would walk when creating the prosthetic limb. Luckily, Derrick managed to do his job and the massive elephant can finally walk again.

10. Happy Dogs

Many animals just wouldn’t make it without a prosthetic limb. Dogs, for example, need to run in order to be happy and this is why Derrick’s company gets so many orders.

9. Win-Win Situation

The fact that Derrick’s company receives lots of orders is a win-win situation because Derrick manages to make a profit while fulfilling his lifelong dream of helping animals.

8. Proud Doggy

As you can tell from this picture, dogs quite proud of their bionic legs. They don’t care that they might look different from other dogs because the only thing that matters is that they can finally run again.

7. Difficult Job

Even though Derrick might enjoy his job, this doesn’t mean that it’s easy at all. Derrick needs to make complex calculations and take into account different variables when creating prosthetics and this is why there aren’t that many companies which offer the same services.

6. Little Goat

The most amazing thing about Derrick’s job is that he gets orders for all types of animals. We previously showed you a huge elephant, but Derrick’s company also takes care of small animals like this goat.

5. Derrick Loves His Job

Can you imagine how awesome it must be to combine work with passion? Derrick sure loves his job, don’t you think so?

4. Like A Glove

One of the most amazing things about Animal Ortho Care is that all prosthetics that the company makes fit like a glove! Animals such as dogs run around the house all day long and Derrick needs to make sure that they can do it without any issues.

3. Waterproof

Derrick guarantees that all prosthetics that he creates are waterproof and that they will last for long durations. Therefore, they offer long-term support and will not break.

2. Animal Ortho Care’s Goal

Derrick says the following about Animal Ortho Care’s goal: “to provide the highest quality Orthotics, prosthetics, and pain management devices to assist your pet in regaining his/her quality of life. These devices are used to either correct or accommodate your pet’s affected limb(s) that have been disabled by trauma, illness or old age.”

1.Saving Thousands Of Animals

Derrick and his company helped save thousands of animals over the years. In fact, some animals would be put down if they couldn’t walk or run anymore and this makes Derrick a true lifesaver.

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