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Man Grabs A Swan By The Neck…And Ultimately Saves Its Life

Man Grabs A Swan By The Neck…And Ultimately Saves Its Life

How many of us would willingly go out of our way to save an animal’s life? Well, that is exactly what one man decided to do when he noticed a distressed swan. He decided that he couldn’t sit back and watch it suffer. So he grabbed the swan by the neck!

20. Garbage

Image: The West Australian

Humans litter a ton and it’s really bad for the planet and animals. We produce so much garbage that it’s often unbelievable to the human eye. However, if it is disposed of properly then it isn’t a big issue.

19. Improper Disposal

Image: Jeremy Paxman

When garbage is just littered around without any thought it can be very harmful. Many animals die from choking on pieces of garbage. But why is that?

18. Confused

Image: Google Sites

So why do animals eat garbage anyway? Well, so many of them don’t know what it is that they’re eating. After all, how does a turtle know that eating plastic could potentially fatally harm him? It’s up to us to make sure that the garbage doesn’t get in the wrong places.

17. Local Park

Image: Shutterstock

One man was hanging out in a local park when he noticed a dreadful sight. One of the animals had been seriously hurt from garbage that was left lying around. He knew he had to do something to help out and you won’t believe what he did!

16. Germany

Image: Honest To Paws

The man is Stefan Broeckling of Dusseldorf, Germany. Stefan was enjoying a relaxing day at the park and was sitting near the lake where the swans would congregate. He enjoyed feeding them as it was a relaxing hobby.

15. Something Strange

Image: Honest To Paws

As Stefan was feeding the swans, he quickly noticed something strange about one of them. One of the swans was unlike the others and Stefan decided to go in closer to see what it was. What he saw shocked him!

14. Plastic Ring

Image: YouTube

As Stefan got closer to the swan he quickly noticed what the difference was. The swan had a plastic ring coiled around its neck. He was so upset by the sight of this…

13. Hurt


The plastic ring was preventing the swan from being able to eat or drink. Stefan wondered how long it had been stuck on the swan for. He knew he couldn’t sit idly by and allow the swan to continue suffering.

12. Taking Action

Image: Honest To Paws

Stefan decided to quickly take action. He jumped into the water and walked toward the swan. He knew he would have to figure out a way to get a hold of it…

11. Grabbing It

Image: Honest To Paws

The swan was pretty big and wouldn’t just follow after Stefan willingly. That was when Stefan decided to get more assertive about the situation. He quickly grabbed the swan by the neck, carefully, in order to bring it onto the land.

10. Guiding It

Image: Honest To Paws

Stefan made sure that he had a good enough grip where he wasn’t hurting the swan. Once he knew that everything was going smoothly he began to walk the swan over to where he needed it to be. So where was he taking the swan?

9. Scissors

Image: Honest To Paws

Stefan began to walk the swan over to the dock area where he knew that he had a pair of scissors that would do the trick. He lifted the swan out of the water and onto the wooden boardwalk. Then it was time for the big moment…

8. Cutting Free

Image: Honest To Paws

Once Stefan had a good enough hold on the swan, he began to cut off the plastic ring. He had to be very careful while doing this so that he wouldn’t injure the bird in the process. So was he able to get the plastic ring off?

7. Freed

Image: Honest To Paws

Eventually, Stefan was able to completely remove the plastic ring from the swan’s neck. Then he picked the swan back up and placed him back into the water. It was a job well done.

6. Not For Everyone


Although Stefan was able to successfully rescue the swan without any issue, it is not advised for people to go around messing with swans. Wild animals can be dangerous, especially when they themselves are injured. So what could have happened?

5. Territorial

Image: Pinterest

Swans are very territorial creatures and they don’t particularly enjoy being touched by humans. In fact, they can be downright vicious when they want to be. After all, anyone that has gotten too close to a swan may have a story like that to tell.

4. Vicious

Image: YouTube

Even though swans are very beautiful creatures, they aren’t always the friendliest either. They can be vicious if you provoke them and they don’t mind attacking if necessary. Seems like this is all good advice to know before running into a swan!

3. Amazing Situation


It is truly amazing to think that the swan didn’t run away in fear from Stefan. Or worse, that the swan didn’t end up attacking him. It seems as if the swan knew that Stefan was trying to help it out of a bad situation.

2. Great People


It is amazing to know that there are great people out there, like Stefan, who are willing to go to such great lengths to save the life of an animal. Now the swan is able to return to its life and enjoy it without the pain of a plastic ring around its neck.

1. Good Deeds

Image: reshareworthy.con

All of us can help out with good deeds as well. Keeping garbage away from the streets also keeps it away from the mouths and lives of animals. Luckily this swan didn’t end up swallowing the plastic ring that wound up around its neck.

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